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Forget the needle! We offer needle-free pain relief for many dental procedures!

Oraqix® is a needle-free anesthetic that is administered topically and below the gum line. Oraqix® is effective and efficient for many dental procedures and offers our patients a needle-free alternative to traditional anesthetics.

We may recommend this alternative anesthesia for several reasons, including:Oraquix

  • A needle-free option has been found to be overwhelmingly preferred over traditional anesthetics. In clinical studies, 70% of patients preferred Oraqix® to a needle injection.
  • Numbing occurs quickly, usually within 30 seconds.
  • The sensation of numbness usually lasts about 20 minutes. So, normal sensation is typically returned by the time your appointment is completed!
  • Oraqix® is site specific which allows the doctor to selectively numb specific areas of the mouth.

How It Works

Oraqix® is first applied to the gums around the area receiving treatment. The gel is applied using a blunt-tipped applicator. After waiting 30 seconds, the pockets around the teeth are filled with Oraqix® After waiting an additional 30 seconds, treatment can begin. Delaying treatment does not enhance the anesthetic effect. The scaling and root planing procedure, or alternative procedure, can then be completed.

Microscope Assisted Microsurgery

Dental Operating MicroscopeFor the greatest accuracy in treating you, our office utilizes several differing tools for increasing visual perception. Dental microscopes provide the most magnification and shadow-free lighting available in dentistry today. Dental Microscopes give us a level of vision unattainable by any other means.

Microscope Assisted Microsurgery allows Dr. Kleinman an improved accuracy of incisions through extreme magnification and the ability to use smaller instruments as well as smaller sutures. The microscope leads to less trauma to your mouth’s soft tissues resulting in better healing and minimal need for secondary procedures. An added benefit is the microscope’s ability to improve our accuracy in diagnosing microcracks in teeth.

IntraSpin™ System

IntraSpin System by Intralock used by Dr. Kleinman for PRFIntraSpin™ System establishes a three-step protocol for drawing and centrifuging the patient’s blood, removing the fibrin clot and processing it in the Xpression™ Fabrication Kit. A thin, compressed layer of Platelet Rich Fibrin or plugs for extraction sites can then be formed, using either the internal plate or the piston assembly.

IntraSpin™ System is intended to be used for the safe and rapid preparation of autologus Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) from a small sample of blood taken at the patient’s point of care. The PRF can be mixed with autograft and/or allograft bone prior to application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics. It requires only one centrifugation without pipetting, mixing, heating or additives. Every component of the IntraSpin™ System has been specifically selected and engineered to act in concert as a graft delivery. IntraSpin™ System components have been FDA cleared and are optimized to ensure proper material biocompatibility and clinical performance.

A simple three-step processing protocol necessitates drawing blood, spinning blood and expressing the fibrin clot in the Xpression™ Fabrication Kit. The system is comprised of three product groups specifically designed for completing this processing protocol.

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